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Your Marketing.

Our Mission.

The ultimate purpose of marketing is to generate consistent profit for providing value to customers.

As the digitalisation process has been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, all companies are investing in Digital Marketing to stay connected with their customers.

We help small and mid sized enterprises improve their bottom line by leveraging the powers of internet based marketing.



We help businesses make smart decisions in setting their goals and develop strategies to achieve satisfying Return on Investment.

Apart from designing and structuring your business plan, we will also conduct research for you to know your competitors and customers, and build strategies that give you competitive advantage and position your business to successfully convert prospects.




Marketing on the internet is often seen as a risky, meticulous and expensive investment.


And that's because it's true.


However, it doesn't always have to be expensive. SMEs can't always afford to spend the same capital as their bigger competitors, and that's how we can help - reduce your costs whilst still focusing on high profits.


Websites that Work & Convert

​The website is usually the place of conversion for most businesses, and therefore, they need their customers to access their websites to make a purchase decision.


We build and transform websites into well designed, functional, mobile friendly online headquarters that reduce bounce rates and turn visitors into customers.



Bridgitte Song, a digital marketing consultant

I hired Longwing as a consulting body to teach me how to grow my Instagram following and promote my products on Etsy. Truly satisfied with the knowledge I've gained and how I applied it to grow my sales and my audience.


Shelly Song

Freelance Graphic Designer

Reece Blair, financial accounting bussines owner.

We hired Longwing to design our Business School's modules brochures for 2020 as well as infographics regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. Everything has been delivered ahead of schedule. Quality services.


Reece Blair

UoW Business School

Juan Osorio, a Coffee shop owner.

During lockdown we relied on Longwing to develop a booking system on our website to enable us to make deliveries and they did a stunning job. Our booking system is fully operational  and keeps us generating profit.


Juan Osorio

Leon Caffe

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