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Our Mission

Longwing Marketing Solutions is a B2B digital marketing agency serving as a consulting body, service provider and education hub.


We propose reliable and cost-effective services that would help businesses expand their brand and increase their revenue with digital marketing.

Our mission is to develop long-term solutions that will help our clients enhance their salesprofit margins and competitive advantages in the online market landscape, where competition is fierce, the supply and demand ratio is endlessly volatile and the diversity of external factors that influence business sectors leave no shortage of challenges.


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We trust our data

Market research and data analysis are pivotal, mandatory, yet expensive, complex and time consuming tasks for businesses to understand their market environment and act accordingly. 


The success rate of research & development (R&D) efforts are determined by the following factors:

✔ Understanding the company’s objectives

✔ Researching the broad market - supply & demand, trends, culture or economic stability

✔ Identifying ideal audience/clientele

✔ Analysing competition 

✔ Developing marketing strategies

✔ Implementing marketing strategies 


✔ Reviewing results 

✔ Updating for greater performance 

Digital Animator

...and our creativity

Building a company’s online presence may require research but is also dependent on the creative content that is fulfilled with skills such as:


 Image editing (Photoshop)

 Video editing

✔ User Interface design (UI)

 User Experience design (UX)

Businesses that are creative and actively develop fresh, qualitative content for their social media platforms, websites, ads or email campaigns, are the ones that captivate and connect with their audiences more effectively than their competitors, whilst also enhancing their reach and brand awareness.


And we value Professionalism

No trade can be considered an honest trade without transparency and credibility of all sides involved.

When hiring Longwing Marketing Solutions you should expect:

 Weekly Customer Support

 Monthly Reports and Data Analysis Breakdowns

 Realistic time-frames

 Achievable goals

 Cost effective strategies

✔ Accurate forecasting

 High return on investment

Marketing can be expensive, depending on your goals and desired outcomes, but it doesn't have to break the bank. The internet provides a never ending diversity of tools and mediums that can help facilitate your research and provide you with a creative force that would ultimately benefit your company, without stepping over budget. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you usually charge for Consultancy?

Our fees are dependent on the needs and wants of our clients, as this will determine the level of effort and amount of time required to deliver satisfactory results. However, we also aim at working within our client's budget as much as possible.

Do you also manage Social Media accounts instead of just helping with advertising?

Yes, we do! We have clients that have social media platforms but they do not need to advertise, as most of their conversion occurs organically when we create quality posts and interact with their audiences, by responding to comments, addressing enquiries and complaints, as well as pitching and promoting the company's products and services.

How many Social Media Ads would you usually run and what budget would you need?

The number of ads depends on how many products and services your business offers, and how many (or which ones) you would like to advertise. Budgets also depend on a series of other variables - the size and market share of the company, types of products/services, type of audience and competition, etc.


For small businesses, we would recommend to have a minimum of £2000 (or equivalent in $ or €) to set up advertising campaigns that would run for a maximum of 2-3 months.


Business owners also need to understand that there are numerous objectives for advertising, that are not always directly related to selling. Sometimes, companies advertise to raise awareness, to inform, to create traffic or promote a discount.

We will continue to add further information in our FAQ section. 

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