Enter the

Digital Era

Offline marketing activities have been affected by the pandemic, whilst digitalisation is accelerating and technology is advancing at an incredible pace.


As we have entered the Digital Era, companies are using the internet and its digital resources more than ever to find customers and generate sales.



Planning. Strategy. Research.

Not all businesses can afford hiring and managing an entire marketing department.


Knowing where to start with your marketing processes can be complex and confusing, especially if you and your associates may not have great digital marketing expertise.

As your consulting unit we will be your co-pilot - understanding your final objective and providing you with the right instructions, at every turn and fork in the road.



Define your company's nature and purpose.

Build a clear structure of your financial and marketing strategies.

Determine your goals and methods to achieve them.​



 Adapt to new trend by knowing your market.

Identify your competitors to gain leverage on their weaknesses.

 Understand your Customers to address their wants and needs.



 Segment the market to find your “ideal” audience.

 Target your specific audience and convert them into customers.

Develop your USP to  fill the “gap in the market”.

Follow the recipe of successful companies and gain competitive advantage by avoiding guesswork or instinctual actions. 

We can help you put pen to paper by developing well-structured plans, conduct accurate research that allows you to know your competition and audience, as well as developing effective strategies that will generate profitable RoI.



Branding. Social Media. Search Engine Optimisation

Leveraging the powers of the internet is the new critical step towards success.


Unlike our consulting service, where we are your co-pilot, when it comes to handling your digital marketing we roll up our sleeves and take firm control of the wheel. 

Now you are the co-pilot, holding the map and giving us the instructions to drive your business to the pre-determined destination and achieve your objectives. 



 Write copy that communicates authentic value to customers.

   Enhance your visitors' experiences when they interact with the media on your website.

  Design catchy business cards, logos, illustrations, videos and banners.


✔ Expand your awareness and grow your social media following.

  Leverage your platforms to generate leads and prospects and convert them into clients.

 Develop ads that produce satisfying Return on Investment.


✔ Make it easy for your audience to find you when they want information.

✔ Increase Organic Reach with qualitative content that places your website on the first results page.


✔ Use analytics to measure performance and make constant improvements.

Need help making your business heard?

We can design a business personality and content that identifies with your audience, expand your brand promise across social media platforms and search engines, making your company hard to ignore. 


User Interface & User Experience. Mobile. E-commerce.

A good website is often associated with the business' main building.


Websites are typically the headquarters of most companies' online presences, and sometimes their only presence overall. 


Whichever type of enterprise you may run, it is important to have a fully functional, optimized and captivating website that resembles the standards and personality of your business.



Captivate and convert visitors with creative User Interface

   Website resonates with the identity of your business and audience

Quick loading time and functionality that reduces bounce rates via quality User Experience



 Ensure visitors get a smooth experience when accessing your website on mobile.

Website mobile version is quick, responsive and lacks any errors.

 The overall design of the website is adaptable to mobile.



Online store fully integrated with safe payment processing.

✔ SEO friendly copy and content for all products and services.


 Build booking applications, retargeting email campaigns and membership databases for your customers.

Every time we design a website, we imagine that we are constructing an actual company building.


If you need a website that can captivate its visitors with a welcoming touch, smart product placement and creative call-to-actions that convert, then we can definitely help. 


What our clients say

jamal Joseph.png

We introduced our company on social media platforms but did not know how to raise awareness and interest.

Gratefully, we contracted Longwing to take over our social media and we've been extremely happy with our return on investment.


Jamal Joseph

Joseph & Co. Solicitors

helen Nielsen.png

Apart from using the same old platforms, estate agencies don't know how to use social media to acquire clients to rent their properties. Thankfully, we hired Longwing to do it for us and teach us. 


Hellen Cheng

Right Move

alexa Brumwood.png

Our team benefited from the consulting support we received  when we decided to emerge our company on the digital market. We successfully managed to connect with our customers without meeting them in person.


Alexa Brumwood

Blackwood Accounting

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